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A brand that works!
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Who we are
“I have an entirely simple taste ...
I am always satisfied with the best!“
Oscar Wilde, 1854 - 1900

Sparkling solutions for food supplements and vitamin-mineral combinations.

SUNLIFE is a producer as well as a supplier to renowned international trading partners in the food retail and pharmacy sectors in over 70 countries.
SUNLIFE GmbH is one of Europe´s leading manufacturer of tablets, capsules and effervescent tablets for vitamins and minerals.

SUNLIFE produces and markets a wide range of:
food supplements, vitamin products, minerals, OTC pharmaceuticals, sports foods, wellness and dietary products, cosmetic and care products, medical products.
An obvious choice
SUNLIFE produces top quality goods at refreshingly attractive prices for the market, all reflected in a high degree of customer acceptance which is retained even during difficult economic periods.

SUNLIFE’s comprehensive range includes a wide variety of standard products which are suitable for a large number of international markets due to their adaptability to consumer requirements and their marketability. In addition, SUNLIFE developes its own innovative products whose favourable price-performance ratio offers its partners the possibility of considerable sales and profit optimisation.

Variety of production
SUNLIFE has extensive, certified development and production capacity at its disposal. The composition of OTC pharmaceuticals as well as complex vitamin- and mineral products is carried out in the company’s own laboratory and analysis centre, allowing a flexible short-term realisation of new products or simply changes and adaptations of formulations and compositions.
Operating side by side
SUNLIFE can look back on many years of experience in the development of private label.

Only SUNLIFE offers prospective customers the option of small introductory quantities tailored to their needs for launching brand-name products. In this way, specific solutions can be elaborated and transferred to a wide range of formulations and forms of administration.

SUNLIFE is able to use its acknowledged Know-how to position and to develop branded products and offers advice and support to its trading partners and clients at every phase, right through to market penetration. Our idea of success is the success of our partners.

Time to market
SUNLIFE’s distinct performance profile and production capacity, coupled with a highly efficient distribution network encompass-ing numerous markets and countries, create synergy effects in favour of its partners from the food retail and pharmacy sectors which, as a result of the fast development and production of the vitamin and mineral products, ensure competitive advantages with regard to time and price.
A brand that works!


SUNLIFE is constantly developing new products in line with consumer demands in its own research and development department.

SUNLIFE’s comprehensive range includes a wide variety of standard products which are suitable for a large number of international markets due to their marketability.

Sunlife International

Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Austria, Bahrein, Belgium, Benin, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Chad, China, Congo, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Gabun, Gambia, Greece, Great Britain, Guinea equatorial, Guinea Conacry, CIS States, Hungary, Iraq, Iran, Ireland, Ivory coast, Jordan, Kambodscha, Korea, Kosovo, Kuwait, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Mali, Mauritania, Macedonia, Myanmar, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norwey, Oman, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Schwitzerland, Schweden, Serbia, Slovenian, Somalia, Slovakei, Sudan, Tanzania, Taiwan, Togo, Trinidad & Tobago+Caricom (Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Domenica, Grenada, Guyana Haiti, Jamaica, St.Kitts and Nevis, St.Lucia, St.Vinncent and the Grenagines, Surinam), Turkey, United Arab. Emirates, Vietnam, Yemen.

Trading Volume

Customer Structure

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